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About FarRiders™

FarRiders' aims are to encourage safe long distance riding within Australia along the guidelines of the Iron Butt Association who have been in the forefront of Long Distance Riding for many years, known within the sport as LDRiding. The idea for FarRiders was conceived in early April 2006 by David "Davo" Jones and launched online on the 17th June 2006 with FarRide #1 taking place at Moree on the 17th June 2006.

Our basic ride - known as FarRide10 - requires a minimum distance of 1000 klms in 24hrs

There have always been riders in this vast land of ours who cover huge distances for the love of riding. Look back to the "city to city" timed rides from the very early years of motorcycling in Australia. Covering 1000kms in a day is not a big deal to these riders. All Davo has done is given them a goal, a base from which to meet and exchange tales for a few hours then return home.

FarRiders is non-bike and/or non-club specific. It is a group that takes in all types of motorcycles and riders with the common goal of long distance riding.

To become a FarRider a rider needs to either have completed a FarRide or FarRally or be an IBA member having done their IBA ride within Australia. FarRides will be run on a regular basis with common rules applying to each type of ride. For example Ride to Eat rides will have a common outline.

Read about the first FarRide RTE, completed on the 17th June 2006 at Moree NSW.

Suggested Reading:
We recommend reading Archive of Wisdom and this excellent article by Don Arthur MD on Fatigue

All motorcycle riders within Australia that either currently do endurance rides or riders wishing to look at this type of riding are encouraged to join in with others at the public forum which is open to all and located HERE.

We hope that many FarRiders will plan for and attempt an IBA ride at some stage. The base level ride for IBA membership is the SaddleSore1600k, which is 1600 kms under 24hrs. Some members of FarRiders are already IBA members and will be happy to help in any way they can. If its a 1600k ride or across the country, someone here has done it.

At this point in time, FarRiders will not be certifying rides but encourages riders to support the Iron Butt Association in continuing safe long distance riding. Please refer to the IBA web site for certification of rides.

This web site is designed, built and run by Team FarRider. We ride motorcycles; that's where our hearts are. If you feel the same then we are rare kindred spirits. We need to ride and cool off after a long day in the saddle. We hope you can join us on a ride one day. . .

NOTE: FarRiders name and logo are Australian Registered Trademarks.

Any overseas group using our name or close variation of it is NOT doing so with our approval or permission. Stealing a clubs name is pretty low. If anyone knows of this happening we would like to hear from you so we can deal with it.

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